Friday, August 7, 2009

And just because some what can be seen on the High Line is not exactly beautiful, it is lovely in all the same. Look at those pink bricks, you know I love bricks, The High Line is a brick lover paradise. The weather was dismal the evening I took these, but look how amazing that flower is. I suppose they'd have been better photos with one of my usual dramatic sunsets, but I love these anyway.


  1. That tall plant is, I believe, a compass flower. They are very common out here in Iowa and grow very tall -- well over 6 feet. Their main root goes more than 10 feet into the ground and they are really harty!

    It is nice to see that plant thriving in the city! Where I live, you see hundreds if not thousands of these sunflower type plants in ditches, open areas, the medians of highways and so on! They bloom from late July until frost.

    Take care.

  2. Hey Russell, glad you're back. The High Line project is about reflecting what was there before they cleaned it up, which was ruined train tracks and wild flowers, etc. So these being in ditches and highway medians and so on makes perfect sense.