Friday, December 11, 2009

And every creche has to have the three wise men, here's one of them.


  1. I really like this series of images you are posting now. Really nice.

    And, I will tell you something. You have inspired me. For several years I have been promising myself I would go out and buy a navity scene, but have not done so.

    I will take a hard look around today and see if I can find one. If I do, I will take a photo of it and post it on my blog -- and you will know that YOU made a difference in one person's life!

    I recall when I was a child we had a small plastic one that my mother always set on the console TV. I remember it had glitter on it and an extended star. I never saw it was made out of plastic. And I have not thought about it for years. Amazing what an image can do.

  2. These are old and life size, but beautiful.