Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Battery image from a few years ago. this is my desktop, looks so different without my icons all over it. PS, I finished my novel today.

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  1. First off, I want to thank you Maureen for leaving a comment of encouragement on Martin's blog. The dear boy was devastated but is slowly pulling himself out of the fog.

    Wow, I have been missing out on some FANTASTIC photos! I espeically love the one of the sun shining on NJ bright and pretty still at 5 pm. I would be happy for some sunshine over here, at any time of day. So gloomy here of late. As for those of 9/11, they leave one speechless! Hey, your novel is finished. That must be leaving you with a wonderful "I can now breath" feeling! You will have to keep us posted on that. Wouldn't I love it if I could some day go to the book store and buy your book!!! hugs, Debby