Saturday, April 3, 2010

I've written a novel I'll self-publish if I don't find an agent soon. These are two of my photos that I'm considering for the cover. The story is a police drama and the main character once did time in Bayview, a jail for women, which is the building with the blue cage on the roof below. The question is, which image do you prefer because I am taking votes.


  1. Maureen, thank you for visiting. I do hope that tomorrow's weather will be warmish and that you do get up to Fifth Avenue.

    Wow...grand to hear that you've written a novel. With a moon shot like that in view, I would definitely vote for the first picture for the cover.

    Best wishes!

  2. Gotta go with the moon shot. Something - the glowing window and fullish moon - just implies a story. And there's room for your title.

  3. Difficult choice....! I guess I will vote for the night image just because night always seems more mysterious and full of twists and turns. If your novel is a mystery or suspense then the night scene is the way to go!

    Of course, if it is a police drama then you could always have the flashing police lights in front a building at night - though that might seem a bit trite.

    Certainly a mysterious face or perhaps the image of two figures standing under a street light would conjure up a deserved image.

    In reality, if you get a publisher you will have NO control over such things - heh!! Good luck with the book!

  4. We vote for the first photo, Maureen bean. Happy Easter, friend:)