Saturday, January 9, 2010

You can see the back of the escalator reflected in this among the fish.

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  1. Hi Maureen, I was feeling very happy at your comment of the snowy pictures I recently posted. If YOU think some of them were good, that means a lot to me! :-) these pictures remind me very much of the mall that we shop at here, about an hour from our house. One of the larger stores has a pond of fish just like this, and the escalator reflects off the water too! It is a lovely spot to sit after a few hours of shopping, the fish swimming so leisurely make me relax, it is nice to take a load off my feet, and I always find myself being hypnotized by the feel of that little corner. Right in the middle of all the shopping, one forgets the noise around you, you don't see the people anymore, and all I see are the fish and the calm feeling they give me. Lovely post!! thanks for sharing, and thanks for all your great comments on my oh so humble posts. I never thought, when I first started my blog, that I would have the chance to meet so many wonderful people/friends all over the world. It has been an amazing year on blogger!