Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ducks, there are a number of them left, although the geese are gone. I'd thought I might not mention this, but I saw this article in the NY Post, it's bad for me to read that newspaper, you'd think I'd learn, about the geese. The article said the city had executed, the Post's choice of words, 800 of them! Just for being birds following their migration instincts. On this 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson discovering Manhattan, I have to say, geese were here first. Oh, and that I am really appalled.


  1. This is a sorry story and waste. What a tragic way to solve a problem.

  2. Oh sad, sadness - all those animals. Also see Sept. National Geographic cover story about your island 400 years back. Plus the first chapters of the World W/out Us covers Manhattan returning to the wild- was fascinating.